PIT Ecosystem

  • Arcmutate provide plugins that improve pitest, including git integration arcmutate
  • Marcin Zajączkowski maintains a Gradle plugin. PIT Gradle plugin
  • Phil Glover maintains an Eclipse plugin. Pitclipse
  • Michal Jedynak maintains an IntelliJ plugin. PIT intellij plugin
  • Fabian Hüsig maintains an alternate IntelliJ plugin. Mutation Tester
  • Oscar Luis Vera Perez maintains Descartes, an extreme mutation engine. pit-descartes
  • Caroline Landry maintains PitMP, a Maven plugin to run PIT on multi-module projects. pitmp-maven-plugin


Books and articles about mutation testing and PIT

  • Chris Rimmer put together a nice explanation of what mutation testing is all about for a lightning talk in Oxford. Getting mutants to test your tests. Audio is also available mp3.
  • Filip van Laenen’s article in the ACCU magazine Overload provides another nice overview of mutation testing, looking mainly at Ruby, but with some discussion of Java and PIT towards the end. Overload 108
  • The Overload 108 article is based on a presentation Filip van Laenen gave at OOP 2012 in Munich. The slides from that presentation can be viewed at SlideShare. Mutation Testing
  • An introduction to Mutation Testing, by Pedro Rijo, which contains the problem that Mutation Testing tries to solve, the presentation of the basic concepts, and a quick section on Extreme Mutation. Slides for the talk based on the article available at speakerdeck.
  • PIT gets a mention in Tomek Kaczanowski’s book Practical Unit Testing with TestNG and Mockito.
  • German article about mutation testing with PIT Mutationstests mit PIT in Java